Book of Exodus: "On the Way Home"

Ex.1:7-14 Exodus (Redemption)

Ex. 1:15-22 Joy Comes in the Morning

Ex.2:22-25 God Heard Their Cry

Ex.3:7-10 An Assignment

Ex.4:1-4 What Is That In Your Hand?

Ex.4:18 Moses, It Is Time to Go

Ex.4:19-27 Be Prepared to Go

Ex.4:29-31 They Bowed Their Heads and Worshiped

Ex.5:2 Who is the Lord?

Ex.6:1-8 The "I AM's of chapter six

Ex.7:10-13 The Ten Plagues of God

Ex. 12:1-13 When I See the Blood

Ex.12:37-42 Ready For the Journey Home

Ex.12:49-50 One Law For All People

Ex.13:8 Tell Your Children

Ex.14:12 Satisfied To Be A Slave

Ex.14:26-31 Stretch Forth Your Hand

Ex.15:1-2 Sing Unto the Lord

Ex.16;1-7 How Soon We Forget

Ex.17:1-4 Give Us Water To Drink

Ex.17:14-15 When God Gets It In For A Man

Ex.18:13-20 Let's All Lend A Hand

Ex.19 :3-5 A Treasure Unto The Lord

Ex.20 : 3-17 The Ten Commandments

Ex.21:12-25 Jesus Stopped By Calvary

Ex. 23 :20-25 An Angel Before Thee

Ex. 24:1-8 When You Worship

Ex.25:1-9 According to design


Table of Contents