According to Design

Ex. 25:1-9

The building of the tabernacle was a glorious thing for those who had their heart in it.

The Lord told Moses to take an offering of the children of Israel, of every man that gives it willingly with his heart. There were different items taken from the different people. It is very clear you cannot give what you don't have, but nowhere do we find the Lord asking for what we don't have.

He asked of gold from those who have gold, and silver and bronze from those who have silver and bronze.

The typical meaning of the materials and colors of the tabernacle are believed to be: gold, deity in manifestation glory; silver-redemption; bronze, the symbol of judgment.

After the tabernacle was completed it went wherever Israel went. When Israel moved the tabernacle went ahead of them.

The long history of the Ark of the Covenant begins at Mount Sinai where the Ark was built, throughout its history the Ark contained the tables of the Law and for a time also the golden pot containing manna and Aaron's rod, the Ark ordinarily was kept in the Holy of Holly's of the tabernacle. During the journeys of the Israelites, it was carried by the priests or the Kohathites of the tribes of Levi. After Solomon built the temple, the Ark was kept there. The Ark accompanied the children of Israel on their journeys through the wilderness, at Jericho it preceded their army.

Did you ever decide to build something and after you made your plans you said: here is how I want it built. God had a plan for the tabernacle and He said here is how I want it built. No one can change his plans, do it as He said or leave it alone. Jesus has plans for His church, do it as He planned or leave it alone.

As we look at the building of the tabernacle, are there any lessons we can learn from the experience of Israel?

As the Lord told Moses to take an offering from people who would give with a willing heart should we not have thankful hearts also? Friends, if God has not blessed you to have you can't give. Some men have been blessed with gold "plenty" and God asks only of what we have.

There are those who God blesses with a small amount to see what they would do with a lot. You and I all know we have missionaries who are depending on us. Simply if we don't give they may do without. I know the Lord does provide and He does it through His people.

The Israelites were proud of the tabernacle they had. Today you and I need to see the tabernacle we have is the church. The tabernacle contained some things that meant a lot to the Israelites, Ark, Tables of Law, Aaron's rod.

Does the church contain anything special to us? I'm sure we all can say we are proud of our building and the furniture but that is not what I am talking about. The church contains many things that we don't always think of. The church contains fellowship, did you know you can and should be able to find fellowship in the church? The church contains friendship for the family of God, we need to make friends of God's people. The church contains the Gospel "good news" the greatest news you can ever hear is , you can be forgiven of all of your sins, you can be cleansed from sin and be born again, and become part of the Kingdom of God.

The church contains an open door, all people who ever they are, are invited into the kingdom and my friend in the church: The Spirit and the Bride say come, and let him who hears say come, and whosoever will let him come and take the water of life freely.

Today you are invited to get involved in building a tabernacle that will be a blessing to others long after you and I are gone. It begins with people who have a willing heart. Willing to work, willing to praise and encourage others as they work, willing to give of yourself and the means the Lord has blessed you with. Willing to see the church grow and prosper as others come into the Kingdom. Willing to pray for our missionaries as they serve the Lord in many isolated parts of the world.

After the "tabernacle" church is completed then all will rejoice together as we see the beauty of it. Rev. 21:2 tells of the city New Jerusalem being as a bride adorned for her husband.