On the way home was born in my heart as I studied the book of Exodus.

There seems to be so many thoughts found in Exodus that so easily relate to our  day that it seems good to lift some of these thoughts out and use them for foundations for sermons.

Each of these sermons have been preached to the membership of the Sunshine Baptist Church where I had the privilege to pastor for 23 years.

Anyone using these sermons as a lesson or message is free to do so. The only thing I request of you is to honor the Lord Jesus with them. My prayer is the Lord Jesus will be praised and His church blessed. 

On the way home shows some struggles Israel had on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land and many of them seem to be reflective of struggles many of Gods people have today as we make our journey home.

We all must remember that this world is not our final home as Egypt was not Israel's home.

Gods children did not belong in the slime pits of Egypt neither  does His children today  belong in the slave pits of life being in bondage to habits or a life style that will destroy both body and soul.

I would like to give a lot of credit for the many helps my beloved wife of my youth has given me over the years.

Anna Sue ( Mitchell ) Boggs has been by my side since our youthful marriage in 1956.

She is the mother of my four children and today we enjoy our children who are all grown and have children of their own. They have blessed us with Grand Children.  Great Grand Children are now coming along.

Proverbs 31:10 well describes my feeling of my wife and the confidence I have in her.

I have had some struggles in my life as many others also have done, however I discovered in March 1964 at 4:00 AM that there is help for us in our struggles and trials when we allow Jesus Christ to become our Lord and Savior.

That morning Jesus become real to me and has been my constant strength since that time.

We all search for answers to life's problems we face on our journey home and I know there is peace and security for each of us at the feet of Jesus. We need only to ask and we shall receive.

Romans 10:13 makes it very clear; For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

We can settle today where we will spend eternity and enjoy the journey home and know we will hear a warm welcome home when we get home with the Lord Jesus Christ.