Ex. 4:1-4

There are many things in the hands of people that are used for various reasons. Ann lets me be in charge of the remote control sometimes. The other day I was sitting in my chair ready for some remote control TV. Suddenly the channels began to change and I was not changing them. Ann had her another remote that was universal. She could change any TV in the house with it and I said, "What is that thing in your hand?"

This statement caused me to think of what the Lord asked Moses in Exodus  4:2, "What is that in your hand and Moses replied, a rod." In Moses' hand it was a rod, or a walking staff. It could be used to assist in walking or it could be used for a weapon of defense. When Moses used it as the Lord said, it became something that Moses himself could never make it. The Lord told Moses to cast the rod on the ground it became a serpent. Then He told Moses to pick it up by the tail it became in Moses' hand a rod. There is no doubt that after this experience Moses had a different opinion of the rod in his hand.

There are many today that use the excuse that I don't have much to offer. Some say I really can't do very much and live their lives doing nothing because they have never taken what they have and given it to the Lord.

Yes, Moses, was slow of speech and the Lord gave him his brother to assist him in the area he needed help in. When we are willing to take what we have and place it at the feet of Jesus there is no limit of what can happen in our lives. The Lord took a backwoods shepherd that was slow of speech and made him one of the greatest leaders Israel and all the world has ever known.

The Lord took a tax collector and made a disciple out of him that we know as Matthew. Matthew was given the privilege of giving us the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that has effected millions around the world.

He took a loud-mouth fisherman and made him into one of the most blessed men the world has ever known. Peter gave us the writings of 1 and 2 Peter and became the disciple to the Jews. Gal .2:7 tells us the gospel of the circumcision (Jews) was given to Peter.

A Pharisee named Saul in Acts 9 gave all he had to the Lord and ask, Lord, what would you have me to do?  After that time he was known as the Apostle Paul sharing his faith with every person he come in contact with. He become so much in love with the Lord that he made a statement that has been used by millions. "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Phil.  1:21.

What do you have in your hands that you need to give to the Lord? Are there burdens too heavy to carry? Bring them to Jesus. Are there trials you can't handle? Bring them to Jesus. You feel a need to get closer to the Lord. Come to Jesus today