"Yes, The Bible is the inspired word of God and shall always be.

Genesis, Table of Contents

Exodus, Table of Contents

Deut.  8:1-11 Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone.

Deut.  34 1-4 Let's Go Upon The Mt. Top :

Joshua, Table of Contents

I Sam.-II Chron., Table of Contents

Ps. 51:10-13 A Clean Heart Before the Lord

Isaiah 1:2  Who do you belong to?

Isaiah  6:6-8 Who will I send ?

Amos 1:4 Prepare to meet thy God.


Jesus stands at your hearts door,

invite him in and you will never

regret it.


The Bible Says 

Aired each  Saturday Morning for several years on WFSR at 970 AM.  There was a good song and a devotion from the Bible each morning.

These Radio Programs were sponsored by the Friends of Faith Baptist Chapel and other friends.

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