Amos 4:12

The word preparation is a very penetrating word. Anything we do that is worth doing requires some preparation. Preparing to begin another day the Lord has given us requires that we make some plans as to what we will do or some times we will say we will not do this today.

Preparing to do our work takes time to plan and at times we spend a lot of time making our plans so we can do a good job. There are jobs such as teaching that allows time for planning in order that we can cut through the unnecessary things so we can get to the point as to what needs to be done or said.

Man spends a lot of time planning for the future and rightly we all need to prepare for the future. However it bothers me to see people planning for age sixty-five and over but they stop short of the future that we all need to be planning for.

I heard a young man say, I am planning to retire at age fifty-five. After that what will you do? The young man said, I will fish and hunt. After you have fished and hunted what will you do? I suppose I will just lay around for a while. Then after that what will you do? I suppose that after that I'll probably die. Then after that what will you do?

I'm sure there is some humor in all of these questions but there is a serious note also. Where will you spend eternity is the bottom line of it all ?

The Bible teaches us there are two places for man to spend eternity.

Heaven is a prepared  place for those that have made their preparations. If you have been born of the Spirit of God you are prepared for Heaven. You must go to God through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ and have your entry stamped by the blood of Jesus if you are going to enter Heaven. The most prepared place there is, is where Jesus is. Jesus said in John 14:1, I go to prepare a place for you. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.

Don't try to pick the locks of the door by yourself. Being good, joining the church, being baptized, attending the church when you feel like it won't get you into Heaven. Only the way of the cross leads home.

The way has been made for whosoever that will come can take the water of life freely. however you and I must prepare ourselves by accepting what Jesus has done.

Hell, It would be unfair to you  for me to only tell you about Heaven and not let you know that the unprepared has a place for them. Not that our Lord has any pleasure in it, anything you don't need you must put it away somewhere. The Bible tells us God has no pleasure in the wicked nor is He willing that any should perish.

First Corinthians 2:9 tells us, eye hath not seen nor ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for them that loves him.

God is preparing for the future for us, Jesus has already prepared the way for us, now it is our time to prepare.