Just for the Fun of  it is a collection of stories I have heard and some events that have happened in my life as a preacher of the gospel and a pastor of a Baptist Church for 29 years and 14 years as a Director of Missions.

Who Signed Me Up For This; A little boy started kindergarten and each day at eleven he would get his lunch bucket, coat and cap and stand by the door and the teacher would put him on the bus for home. The next year he started the first grade and sure enough, at eleven o clock he got his lunch bucket, coat and cap and stood by the door. His first grade teacher ask him, why are you standing by the door and he said he was getting ready to go home.  His teacher said, no honey you stay all day  this year and you will go home much later, in reply he said, hmm  who signed me up for this?

If You Meet Me; A sign read, If you meet me and forget me you have lost nothing, If you meet Jesus Christ and forget him you have lost everything.

P.S. Please don't forget Jesus.

The Religious Mule: The old circuit riding preacher decided to retire and put his mule up for sale. This young man wanted the mule but the preacher told him the mule was kind of religious and only obeyed religious talk. If you want him to go say, praise the Lord, and if you want him to stop say amen. The young man said he could handle the mule and bought him. Shortly after he decided to see just how fast the mule could go. He got on him and said, praise the Lord, sure enough the mule started walking. He said praise the Lord again and the mule got faster. The more he said praise the Lord the faster the mule went. until suddenly there was a large cliff ahead with a hundred foot drop off.. Getting nervous the young man said woe, but the mule kept going and just as he got to the edge of the cliff he remembered to say amen. and the mule come to a stop, Looking over the hundred foot bluff the young man sighed, praise the Lord.

Write it Down: There was this lady who went to her Doctor and said, Doctor my husband is so forgetful that he can't remember anything. The Doctor said, that can  easily be taken care of  by having him to write down what is said.  She replied, I'll try it but I have my doubts that it will help him any. A few evenings later they sat watching TV and the wife said, Henry, go into the kitchen and  get me some ice cream, in reply he agreed and started into the kitchen when the wife said, now write that down so you don't forget it.  A little annoyed he replied, You want ice cream you will get ice cream. The wife said, but I want some straw berries and whip cream on it too, now write it down.  Henry's reply was, you want ice cream, strawberries and whip cream and I'm not writing that down. About 15 minutes later he come into the kitchen with bacon and eggs on a plate and his wife replied, I told you, you should of written that down, you forgot my toast.

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