II Sam. 2:20-23

David had sinned and was punished for his sin. He had taken another man's wife and even had Bathsheba's husband killed trying to cover up his sin. The day finally came when David would have to give account of the sin he committed.

Bathsheba had conceived, a child was born to them and no doubt David loved his son very much. Then something happened that no one wants to happen, the child became very sick. David began to fast and pray that God would spare the child's life. The final day came when the child died. This seems to make everything so final. After all the praying and fasting ended and the child was gone David arose and washed and anointed himself, changed his apparel and went into the house of the Lord and worshiped. Later he went into his own house and when he had required they set bread before him and he did eat. This caused his servants to say, while the child was alive you fasted and wept for it and when it died you rose up and did eat.

Everyone needs to hear David's answer, Now he is dead wherefore should I fast. I can't bring him back again, I shall go to him but he shall not return to me.

David had come to the place of stop weeping and go on with your life. Some time in each of our lives we will face a similar condition as David  did. It may not be the death of a child, it my be the death of a relationship, it may be the death of a friendship it all seems to work the same. There are relationships many have and for various reasons they are terminated causing grief for one or the other persons, but there comes a time when grieving must cease.

Children grow up and many times we grieve for them. We want them to stay little and always with us but it does not work that way. Only a few years ago we had our children with us but something happened, they grew up and got married, they had babies and now they are adults standing beside us.

The dreams we often had are come true and we  don't want to admit it. How many times have we said I can hardly wait until my children are grown up and now they are.

The question, How long will you weep needs to be answered today. David admitted the child was dead. He rose up from the earth, washed and anointed himself, changed his apparel and went into the house of the Lord.

I am convinced there are those today that needs to  get up off the ground, you have been there long enough. Admit that things are not going to be as before. Stop weeping and wash and anoint yourself.

When you wash yourself you wash off yesterday and put on hope for tomorrow. Change your apparel. No doubt David had on sackcloth and ashes but today was the day to take off the weeping clothes. He went into the house of the Lord. Here he found new directions and hope for the future. You and I also find hope and new direction. What ever your need is, Jesus is the answer.