Obedient unto the Heavenly Vision

Acts 26:13-20

Paul had a vision of what the Lord had for him to do. After he saw his vision he gave his total  heart to the task.

There are some things I believe we should get a vision of today.

1- We need to see who we are. 2- We need to know who we are 3- We need to look at what we are.

Paul said, at midday; I saw a light from Heaven, Above the brightness of the sun shinning around me and those traveling with me. Where does our light come from?

The Lord speaks personally; I heard a voice speaking unto me, Saul, Saul, the call is personal and by name. Why are you persecuting me? It is hard to resist the pricking of the pricks.( conviction) goading caused the work animal to stay in line.

Lord who art thou? I am Jesus, whom thou persecute, Paul thought he was only giving the Christians a hard time. Our Lord Jesus had a different answer for Paul as He also does  for people who are causing trouble for Christians. Today  when any member of the body of Christ suffers  Christ Jesus is concerned.

Rise and stand up on your feet; It's time for the saints of God to stand up and let the world know whose side we are on. Jesus appeared unto Paul for a reason.

There was a purpose for Jesus confronting Paul, To make you a minister and a witness of those things you have seen and of those things in the which I will show unto you.

To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light.

Dear friends; people out side of Jesus are living in darkness, many of them are our children, friends and neighbors.

Where upon O King Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heaven vision.

We may fall short on  our journey of life, we may fail in many ways, However let us give our best to our heavenly calling. Witness while we can, Pray for others while we can and live our lives for Jesus while we can.

Do you have a calling on your life? Do you know of a time and place you have met Jesus? It may have been on the road of life while you were in school, or in church you saw your need or maybe you have just begin to see your need to let Jesus be first in your life. Begin today where you are and put yesterday behind. Look forward to the future as Gods Holy Spirit directs us and we will one day hear Him say well done, enter into the joys of the Lord. 

It all begins when we invite The Lord Jesus to come into our hearts and make us the person He would have us to be. The most beautiful day of your life will be when we say yes to Jesus.