Looking Back on Camp Howard

Young Ladies at Camp Howard

These young ladies attended a week at Camp Howard a few   years back. Some of them are now married with their own Children, Some are in College, some are now teaching school. Several of these ladies were saved while in camp. They build many wonderful memories at Camp.

                     Where Wonderful Memories are Made                       

Liggett Baptist Church

The Liggett Baptist church is a church where you spend some time attending and build a life time of memories.

Many have gone to the Liggett Baptist church for a few years and feel the call to go some place else but you leave with a lot of pleasant memories to look back on.

Liggett was established as Ball's Chapel in 1921 and has been a mission minded church every since.

Welcome To 

Adult Bible Study

There is an adult Bible study each Thursday evening beginning at 6:00 PM at the Faith Baptist Chapel.

You are welcome to be part of this informal study.

We know we have been saved and desire that all of our friends, family and neighbors would come to the knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Plan now to visit with us next Thursday evening.

Young people recently help unload the Trailer loaded with food box's furniture and clothes brought in by the Dr. James Talbert Ministries from North Carolina. The Talbert Ministries has been a blessing to many of our people through out the area for several years.

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