There is Life After a Stroke

December 19, 1989 become a day to long remember in my life. Being a strong Ex-Marine Sergeant who walked very proudly in my business life was daily routine for me.

All of this changed in 1989 when I awoke about 5:00: A :M. feeling disoriented as I got out of bed and took a shower, planning to travel to Lexington Ky. for the day.

As I traveled, I noticed my right foot, leg and arm becoming numb. I told my daughter, my leg had gone to sleep and she would need to drive.   

Upon returning home that evening, my son insisted I see a Doctor. Knowing something must be wrong I agreed and went to the Appalachian Regional Hospital Emergency room.

My blood pressure was checked and was 220 over 130. The Doctor said something I never dreamed of hearing, Mr. Boggs you are having a stroke.

My whole world stopped that day, I was 53 years old, Pastor of a Church that I loved dearly. All of this seemed to come to an end for me at that time.

The Doctors and nurses worked very caring for several hours with me, and finally my blood pressure came down.

Then  as I looked at myself, I had a right foot and leg that felt very  heavy and I could not move any of my toes, and I felt numbness in my right arm and the right side of my face.

Someone ask, what are you going to do? I said, my left side is fine and I'm left handed so I can still write. and with God's  help I will be alright.

Some young man told me, I'm praying for you and the Lord said you are going to be O.K. I replied to the young man that the Lord had not said  anything to me about it but I planned to love Him whatever happens.

I began a journey that day with people I never knew could be so kind. The Lord let me meet a young Jewish  Doctor by the name of Narzia who was very kind. He told me, I could send you for some expensive test but your Cat Scan shows your problem.

With the right side of my body numb, foot and leg so heavy I could not raise them, my dear daughter Joyce Ann massaged my foot and leg and then she would raise my leg and bend the joints every day for quite some time.

I entered Physical Therapy and did as they said and walked on a walker for a month or so. I would raise the walker off the floor until I needed it again. Slowly I set the walker aside and was using a cane for some time.

Each day I would prop my foot on the coffee table "my wife let me do it then" and each day I bathed my foot in prayer. One day I kept telling my toe to move and sure enough my big toe moved and I wept like a baby.

Yes there were angry moments when I ask, why me Lord? Finally one day  after scolding my daughter for no reason I said, this is not me and I said honey I'm sorry  and had a good talk with the Lord and my self . After that day, I stopped feeling sorry for my self and started trying harder.

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